Skydiving: A Community of Misfits or Happy People?

One of the first things you’ll notice about a skydiving dropzone when you stroll through the gates for the first time is that it is not like any airport you’ve ever visited–and the colorful, nylon-and-cordura-uniformed residents might seem a little strange to you. We’re a lot more fun once you get to know us a little better, so we’re here to share a few little secrets with you…

The Skydiving Community is Misunderstood

If you’re convinced that the sport of skydiving is full of a bunch of adrenaline-seeking, death-cheating wild children, you’d be in good company. Most of the world sees our sport through that “YouTubeified” lens. The truth is a lot more subtle.

Most skydivers are pretty much exactly like you. We come from widely varied backgrounds, we have earthly responsibilities to fulfil, and we don’t get up in the morning with the singular desire to scare our mothers half to death with our envelope-pushing antics. There is a risk involved, of course, but skydivers are in the habit of managing that risk by taking proactive safety measures–and that well-managed risk is an excellent tool for focus.

It is true, however, that our sport is populated with the most amazing people you’ll ever have the good luck to meet. The community, in fact, is just as big a draw as the freefall.

The Dropzone is our Home–and the Door is Wide Open

On any given dropzone, you’ll see a collection of campervans hanging out at the periphery. Some of these might stay there over the weekend, while others don’t move a single wheel over the course of a decade. It might strike you as odd, at first, that someone would choose to actually live snuggled up to a far-flung airfield…until you start skydiving. (When the obsession takes hold, you’ll understand perfectly fine.)

Not everybody lives on the dropzone, of course, but all of us build dropzone socializing time into our lives. After all, you can’t miss the parties, the barbeques, the competitions, the coaching weekends, the theme nights–or any good-weather Saturday, ever.

On a big dropzone, like ours, there’s usually a restaurant–or a pub–that fills up with animated, affectionate groups of skydivers after “green light” (our term for the official end of the skydiving day). Don’t be shy: stroll right up. We’re reliably stoked to bring you into the conversation.

They Started Just Like You

No matter how casual and comfortable the skydivers around you look now, remember–it wasn’t always that way. Every skydiver in the air started as a curious soul on the ground, mystified by the equipment and (more than) a little nail-bitey about the whole thing.

If this is your first tandem skydive and you’re nervous and new, you’re in the same shoes we’ve all walked a mile in. We’re here to support your process–and welcome you into our motley crew. Don’t be a stranger! Learn more about Skydive Perris and why so many skydivers in the Los Angeles area love to call this place home. We hope to welcome you into our growing skydiving community soon!

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