The Pizza Party Is Dead

Hey, parents! Tired of scouring the internet for best kids birthday party ideas?

It ain’t easy, getting older, is it? And by that, of course, we mean that it ain’t easy when your kids get a year older. The pressure looms to nail those milestones into the permanent record with The Best Birthday Party Of All Time. You have to get all the invites out; you have to set up the food situation, you have to get the personalized cake on lock…and that’s aside from the formidable task of making sure all the decorations are Instagram-ready and birthday-kid-approved.

At the end of the day, life usually interferes. You don’t have time to check off all those boxes on your own. You make ‘The Call’.

When the other end picks up, you give them the number of little freeloaders you’re planning on inviting, and you give them a date. That is: If the representative on the other end of the line can hear you over the shrieking, the disciplinarian howling, the top-volume kidbop music and the dinging-donging-pinging-beeping pandemonium.

You hang up. Job done.

Then, on the day of the party, you walk in that big red door and remember exactly why you promised yourself last time that you’d never do this again so long as you lived. Your kid is sated, but neutral. And you’re assailed by rat nightmares for at least a week.

Not your jam? Not ours, either.

What if we told you that you could have the same one-call convenience but end up looking like the undisputed Parent of the Year? Because–y’know–you can.

Indoor skydiving is officially the best thing to have happened to birthday parties since the very first birthday was partied. Folks celebrating anything from a 3rd to 103rd turn around the sun are welcome to fly our tubular skies. And how about fun? Well. You don’t have to take our word for it that–just look at what our customers have to say about their human flight experience. Suffice it to say that people talk about these shindigs for months afterward.

One-Call Convenience.

Here at Indoor Skydiving Perris, our on-staff party planner nails it every time, setting up a themed spread in the upper-deck tunnel observation room that boasts a great view of the flying.

Choices Way Beyond “Pepperoni Or Cheese.”

You’re not limited to lackluster pizza! Since we’ve got a restaurant on the dropzone and some solid connections around town, we can cater whatever you’d like. (We do a pretty darn marvelous barbecue, you know.)


People who know what they’re doing make everything better. Right? Our staff knows how to throw a party–and how to deliver each of your guests (and you!) a fun, safe flight experience. Whew, right?! After all, you don’t want to look again into the numb, disinterested faces of the party-dungeon staffers, and those iconic ball pits are not as safe as they might seem to be.

You’re Going To Enjoy Yourself, Too.

…Which we’re pretty sure you didn’t know was even possible at your kid’s birthday party. You’ll get to try your hand at flying–and you just might get hooked. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Stop searching for best kids birthday party ideas and let’s blow out the candles with a bang this time, shall we? Learn more about our indoor skydiving party packages or give us a call and you’ll see how quickly and easily the magic happens.

And we promise: there are no dead-eyed animatronic animals in the building. Not even one.

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