Top 5 Fun Things To Do While Skydiving

Photo credit (above): Dennis Sattler

What’s even cooler than falling miles out of the sky with a huge smile on your face? Falling miles out the sky with a mission that’s as awesome as it is insane. We get up to a lot of wacky hijinks on any given skydive, and we’re here to share our very favorite crazy ideas with you. (Spoiler: We’re pretty sure you’ll want some of what we’re having!)

1. Costume Jumps

What’s better than Halloween? Jumping in a full Iron Man getup just because it’s Friday. Skydivers love costumes even more than your average bear, and we take no greater pleasure than we do in being photographed wearing funny skydiving outfits many thousands of feet above solid ground.

woman getting ready to skydive in mermaid costume
two girls in funny skydiving outfits before a skydive
woman in colorful costume ready to skydive

2. Slip-’n’-Slide

You can set up a slip-’n’-slide on the ground and slide along it as you’re landing. Sure! You can do that. Or you can do it, y’know, the Perris way. Just this July, we hosted a record beyond compare: The World’s Highest Slip ‘n Slide. For serious! A bunch of delightful lunatics (our fun-jumper folks) rigged up a slip-’n’-slide inside one of our rear-exit aircraft. Then they proceeded to slither right out the back of the plane, fly around, deploy their parachutes and land on another slip-’n’-slide that was set up on the ground (complete with inflatable bowling pins.) Guinness World Records verified the record, so we’re down in history, baybee!

experienced skydiver makes landing into slip-n-slide at Perris

photo by: Dennis Sattler

3. Do A Wingsuit Rodeo

Grab your favorite wingsuiter–literally–and go for a ride. For a wingsuit rodeo, the “cowperson” (that’s the gender-neutral term for “cowboy” or “cowgirl,” y’know) hops onto the back of a wingsuit pilot and has a rootin’ tootin’ ride to deployment altitude. These can be pretty hard to stick–especially with really big wingsuits, which resemble flying air mattresses and don’t offer much to hold onto–but when they work, they’re magic.

4. Jump A Flag (Or Streamer)

Feeling patriotic? Ready to put that old pirate flag from your dorm room to good use? Itching to descend from on high with the Pastafarian colors? You can totally do a flag jump. It requires some doing and a bit of know-how, but learning how to jump a flag and fly it proudly under canopy can open up a world of colorful possibilities for the keen jumper. (If you don’t want to commit to a full flag but still want to add drama to your descent, you can go for an easier-to-wear streamer instead.)

experienced skydiver makes streamer jump at Perris

photo by: Dennis Sattler

5. Jump Out Of A Hot Air Balloon

Hot-air balloons are wondrous to admire from the ground, hanging like bright baubles against the stillness of a morning sky. Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to disrupt that silence with a rebel yell and a bunch of flips? We know you have. Skydiving from a hot air balloon is one of our favorite kinds of skydive, so it’s a good thing that we have a local company that welcomes us.

exit shot of 3 people skydiving out of a hot air balloon

photo credit: Dan Dupuis

Notice that all of these tricks require a skydiving license? You noticed right. Luckily, we’re one of the best places in the world to learn how to skydive. From our on-site vertical wind tunnel to our  Once you get your solo skydiving license, you, too, can try nearly infinite ways to navigate yourself around the sky.

What’re you waiting for? We’re looking forward to doing fun things skydiving with you!

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